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Why Prefinishing?

Prefinishing or factory finishing your products have many benefits, especially when it comes to the big 3; it saves money, it saves time and produces better quality.

Below are some benefits of prefinishing or factory finish at our Woodco Prefinishing plant;

• Prefinishing is vastly better than finishing your product in an unpredictable job site. Imagine trying to stain doors in a dust filled or humid conditions on a job site.  Or maybe the job site is busy, behind schedule with lots of activity, noise, dust, etc. Imagine if the worker staining or painting is having a bad day or the lighting is poor. In a factory finishing application conditions and processes are controlled and consistent with predictable high quality product.

• Prefinishing at Woodco’s state of the art facilities exposes fewer people, workers and homeowners to fumes, stains and paints.

• Having fewer chemicals used on the job will allow other tradesmen to do their jobs more efficiently.

• Because it takes place in a controlled environment, factory finishing is generally just better than anything that takes place alongside the actual completion of the home.

• It also tends to be less expensive, because more product can be completed in a more compact area, and over a shorter period of time.

Contact us for a free estimate, give us a call at 763-259-0061 or fill out the contact form.

Note: Woodco Prefinishing is LEED Compliant and Green.

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